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Different cultures throughout history have had different views of witches and witchcraft, so a witch in a dream can have various meanings, which can be positive or negative.  The meaning of a dream about a witch will depend upon the beliefs and experiences of the dreamer.

Witches have often been seen as evil, destructive, deceptive women, so a witch in a dream can represent the destructive, deceptive side of femininity.  Dreaming about a witch can mean that you are using emotion in order to deceive others, or that someone else is using emotion in a deceptive way.

A witch can represent a negative emotional quality, such as jealousy.

If you dream that someone you know turns into a witch, there is something about him or her that you do not find trustworthy.

Dreaming that you encounter a coven of witches can mean that you think that a group of people are saying or doing things behind your back.

A witch can represent a part of yourself that is destructive. You need to understand this aspect of yourself so you can gain power over it.

If you dream that you are being influenced by witchcraft, you may need to gain more control over your own behavior.

A witch, enchantress or sorceress in a dream can be a positive symbol, representing wisdom.  A witch can be the archetypical “wise old woman” or “Great Mother”.

If you dream that you are a sorceress or witch, it can mean that you have hidden talents.