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A werewolf is a type of monster, to most people at least, so will often represent your fears, especially if you are being chased by the werewolf in your dream?

It is thought, where possible, that it is good practice to let the werewolf catch you, then confront it to see what it wants.This is especially true if you have a recurring nightmare with werewolves involved.

Werewolves are unusual as monsters because they start out as humans, and in fact are only monsters for short periods of time. With this is mind this dream could reflect an upcoming event in your life that you are afraid of, some upcoming transformation of your life that scares you?

If you are the werewolf in your dreams it could be you are afraid of changes within yourself? Perhaps you have been mistreating someone close to you, or you're feeling somewhat monstrous about your recent behavior?

It's more than likely that the werewolf in your dreams represent something temporary, or recurring, that is unpleasant to you, something that needs facing and sorting out?