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Sometimes, a wedding in a dream can represent thoughts about your own future wedding, if you are not already married.

However, a wedding in a dream often represents the integration of different aspects of your personality. For example, it can signify the balancing of your rational and emotional sides.

Dreaming about a wedding can be a sign that there are parts of your personality that you need to develop more.  The person you are marrying can represent aspects of your personality that you have been neglecting.

If you dream that, you are marrying someone you know, consider whether they have positive qualities that you should develop in yourself.

Wedding Dress Dream meaningA dream that you are marrying someone but cannot see their face can be a message that you need to learn to accept parts of your personality that you have been repressing.

Dreaming of being a guest at a wedding can be a sign that you want to spend more time around other people.

If you dream that you are late for your own wedding, you could be doing things that sabotage your relationships.

Wedding Ring Dreams

Wedding rings are exchanged to create a long lasting, hopefully eternal, bond with another person. Therefore weddings rings in dreams represent a strong connection or bond, or the hope of creating one.

Wedding Dress Dreams

If you find yourself looking at or wearing a wedding dress, or window shopping for weddings dresses, in your dreams it means you are hopeful about the future, you will make new friends and enjoy some fun activities.

If you are wearing a dirty wedding dress, if it's crumpled and torn, it can mean that you are having disagreements with someone close to you, especially someone you normally look up to and admire.

If you dream you are wearing a black wedding dress is can mean that a friendship or situation you thought was good may actually be having a negative affect on you. In this case you should think carefully about the people or situations around you, and consider if they are good for you or not.