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It goes without saying that walking is a very common task for most people in their day to day lives, it is a natural part of human existence, so dreaming about walking places is also very common.

Walking is something we don't need an external power for, like we would to ride a bus, train or plane etc. Walking is done under our own power, with our own self-determination, unless you are being forced or pushed along of course. It is something we can do ourselves without any additional equipment. Journeys in dreams are often reflective of our journey through life, so if you bear this in mind, where you were going or trying to get to, using this self-sufficient mode of transport you may have a good idea what the dream is trying to tell you?

A dream about walking someplace, especially someplace far away, can represent our self-determination to reach our goals, a message in your dreams telling you that it is possible to reach these goals on your own, without any help from anyone else.

Whether or not walking in your dream is a struggle or something undertaken easily, with confident strides, can reflect where you are emotionally along the path of development in this particular area of your life?

Walking in dreams

For example, you may find that walking is difficult, that a physical force is holding you back or the terrain is muddy or boggy, difficult to walk through? If this is the case it can be a reflection of your difficulty in waking life in dealing with the emotions or goals involved?

Do you know your destination in the dream? If you do not this can also be part of your struggle, that you don't know where your life is headed and it is bothering you? On the upside, if you do know the destination the dream can be suggesting you have to overcome adversity to reach your goals, but the end of your journey is in site. Obviously, if there is no struggle and you are walking confidently to your destination it is more than likely your subconscious is telling you that this is the correct path to take!

It may be that the dream starts out as a bit of a struggle, but you somehow find a way through the mud or desert or whatever, shake off the dust and begin walking more easily? If this happens in your dream it is a sign that things are getting better for you, to keep going and things will improve!