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A dream about being poisoned can mean that you are being contaminated by the negative attitudes or beliefs of other people.

If you dream that you are poisoning someone, it can be a sign that you are being deceitful toward that person in waking life, or you feel subconsciously that you are treating them unfairly.

If you dream that someone you know is poisoning you, it can be a warning from your unconscious that they may be deceiving you, or it may reflect feelings that they are being mean to you?

Poisoned in a Dream

It is helpful to think about the way in which the poison is being administered. For example, it may be that you dream that your food is being poisoned. In which case you need to think about how you feel about this food, is it your favorite meal? If it is your favorite meal it could mean that you feel some of the joy is being taken away from your life? If you know the person who poisoned your favorite meal it could be that you feel that particular person is responsible for killing the joy in your life?

If the meal being poisoned is spicy, it can reflect the spice being taken from your life. If the meal is sweet, the sweetness in your life is being contaminated and so on.

The poison in your dream, especially if it's delivered anonymously, could also be a warning that you're killing yourself, or severely damaging yourself, with your eating or drinking habits?

Finally, dreaming of being poisoned can reflect waking life issues of feeling out of control, which in turn is related to anxiety.