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If you dream that you are an orphan, you may feel that you have been rejected by the other members of your family in waking life.

You may feel that you did not receive unconditional love and attention from your parents when were a child, and that you had to find your way in the world without their guidance and support.

Dreaming that you are an orphan can also indicate that you feel like an outsider among your family. You may feel that they have excluded you, or that you have little in common with them.

If you dream that you are caring for an orphan, you may be attempting to heal a part of you that feels unloved.

A dream about being an orphan can also be a message from your unconscious that you need to be more independent and self-reliant.

The orphan child who knows from birth that they are different from their family and community, and has to survive alone in the world, is an archetype that is found in many children's stories, such as Bambi and Snow White.