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A nose represents intuition and curiosity.

If you dream that hair is growing on your nose, you may be taking on a project that will require a great deal of will power.

Traditionally, a bloody nose in a dream is a sign that danger or disaster will follow.

Because smell is one of the most primitive senses, a nose in a dream often symbolizes instinct and intuition.

If you dream about a nose, you should probably pay more attention to your instincts when deciding how to deal with a situation.

A nose in a dream can mean that you are becoming aware that something is wrong, although you aren’t exactly sure of what it is. Something “smells rotten” or “smells fishy.”

Noses in dreams can also symbolize curiosity, or “being nosy.”  You may be curious about something, or you may think that someone you know is being too curious – “sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong.”

A nose in a dream can also be a message that you need to investigate something further.

Sometimes, a nose can be a phallic symbol.