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Fingernails can represent art, beauty and glamor.

If you dream that your fingernails are dirty, it can be a sign that you feel like you have disappointed someone.

A dream that your fingernails break can mean that you are trying to avoid a situation or trying to avoid taking responsibility for something.

A dream that your toenails are growing can be a sign that your knowledge about something is increasing.

Dreaming about nails, both fingernails and those you bash into wood with a hammer, can represent connections, holding on and joining together.

This type of bonding often has a connection with relationships, especially emotional and sexual relationships. The metal hardware nail is connected with bonding things together strongly, pretty much permanantly, so dreaming about these types of nails can represent a strong relationship bond, or the wish for such a bond.

Because fingernails and toenails are on the end of our fingers and toes, dreaming of these types of nails can signify holding on, or wanting to hold on. If your nails are falling out it could be that you feel you are losing your grip on a relationship or situation, or it may reflect fears that you aren’t capable of hanging onto a situation or relationship.

If you are a Christian or religious you may dream of nails in crosses, which are connected with sacrifice. Again, part and parcel of being in a relationship – perhaps you’re sacrificing too much, or not willing to commit yourself?