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Because the Moon goes through various phases, or shapes, throughout the month, in dreams it is often connected with the mysterious and changing forms in nature and femininity, and their cyclic qualities - such as the lunar months and female menstruation.

The Moon is a bight silver image of creativity, shining above us while we sleep and a powerful dream symbol.

The Moon also exerts an large amount of power over the Earth with its gravitation pull affecting the tides and even the shape of the Earth itself, and can reflect our own mysterious desires and deeper emotions and their ability to overpower us.

Moon phase dream meanings

In old, tradition dream interpretation the different phases of the Moon have different meanings:

Full Moon = Hope

Waxing (growing) Crescent Moon = New ideas, new life.

Waning (shrinking) Crescent Moon = Dwindling of power, indifference to life.

Black Moon (when the Moon is not visible) = Death

New Moon = Rebirth, new beginnings

If you dream that you are in a spaceship headed to the Moon, or flying their by other means, it is a symbol of your expanding imagination and creativity and/or the need to bear a child.