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Taking a medical test in your dream can be a message that you should pay attention to your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health. Your dreaming mind may be trying to alert you to signs that something may be wrong.

A dream that you are undergoing a medical examination can mean that you want to develop a better understanding of, and a better relationship with, your own body. You may have been thinking about changing your habits in order to become physically healthier.  For example, you may have been considering changing your diet, getting more exercising, or quitting smoking.

You may have been trying to improve your mental or spiritual health. Perhaps you are thinking about taking classes, taking up meditation or learning about different types of religions or different types of spiritual movements. You may be considering attending religious services more frequently or speaking to a religious or spiritual leader.

Dreaming that you are taking a medical test can mean that you are concerned about how you will perform in a difficult situation – do you have the emotional, spiritual or physical strength to deal with the obstacles that you may face.