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Dreams about makeup usually involve how you appear to others.

If you dream that you are putting on makeup, your dreaming mind is reminding you that you can choose how other people see you.

Think about how you have been behaving. Would others see you as selfish and insensitive, or would they consider you caring and generous.

Maybe you have found yourself in a new situation – you have started a new job or moved to a new neighborhood – and you are hoping to impress.

Sometimes, makeup can act as a mask.

If you dream that you are putting on makeup, it can mean that you are worried that other people won’t accept you as you really are.

You could feel that there are parts of your personality that you have to keep hidden from view.

Washing off makeup can signify a desire to be honest with yourself or with other people.

If you’re having trouble with your makeup – it smudges or doesn’t go on right – you could be feeling confused about your identity or about the roles that you are expected to play in life.