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The magpie is known for its intelligence and resourcefulness, so dreaming about a magpie can mean that you have the knowledge and the resources to deal with a difficult situation; you need to develop the confidence that you can succeed.

Traditionally, magpies are associated with thievery, so if you dream about a magpie, you could be worried that something is being taken from you.

This could be something material. For example, you could be feeling uncomfortable about a financial transaction.

You could also be worried about someone usurping your position, for example, taking away your job or your role within an organization or within your family.

A magpie in a dream can represent time being stolen from you because you have too many responsibilities or an opportunity that you have been denied.

Because of their contrasting coloring, a magpie in a dream can mean that you are looking at an issue from a black and white perspective. You need to learn how to compromise.

The magpie is a symbol of good luck, so a dream about a magpie can be a sign of hope for positive changes in your life.