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Maggots are associated with death and decay, so a dream involving maggots can mean that you are holding onto something that is, essentially, “dead”, such as a relationship, a job or a way of thinking.

Because maggots are considered signs of impurity, your dream can be telling you that by not letting go, you are allowing negative influences to remain in your life.

As they play an important role in the cycle of life, maggots in a dream can represent something that is cyclical.  A dream about maggots can have to do with beginnings as well as with endings.

Maggot dream meaningsIf you dream that you are eating maggots, it can be a sign that you are trying to disrupt the natural course of events surrounding a situation.

Maggots are considered disgusting; therefore, in a dream, maggots can represent something that disgusts you in real life.

You may dream about maggots when you are thinking about death.