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A lucid dream is one where you wake up or become aware that you are dreaming and is one of the easiest ways to have an OBE and then move on to full Astral Projection. If you are lucid dreaming you are already out of your body, fully conscious but your body is still sleeping. In a lucid dream it is quite possible to move from the place you are dreaming about to other planes of existence, if you are aware of them.

But the lucid dream world isn’t merely a doorway to other planes of existence; it is a place to be explored in its own right. It is possible to think reasonably clearly when in a lucid dream; the lucid dreamer is also able to act voluntarily, flying and sex are two popular activities inside a lucid dream.

Lucid dream accounts are not new phenomena; they go back at least as far as the ancient Greeks. Tibetan monks, who have been training themselves to enter their dreams consciously for centuries, treat dreaming life and waking life as a continuous stream.

Marquis d’Hervey de Saint-Denys was one of the first people in the West to explore lucid dreaming in a systematic fashion; his book, ‘Dreams and How to Guide Them’, was published in 1867. He carried out numerous experiments during his studies on lucid dreaming, mostly involving himself.

One of his notable experiments was to acquire different perfumes worn by different ladies that he knew and sprinkle drops from a single selection on his pillow and attempt to dream about that person, aided by the scent.

The Marquis’ experiments were a success, he dreamed about each woman on separate nights after sleeping with each of the distinct scents entering his nose and his dreams.

An effective away of inducing a lucid dream is to keep on reminding yourself to become lucid throughout the day; keep reminding yourself that you are awake, sometimes it’s not always easy to tell. If you get into the habit of doing this it will begin to seep into your dreams too and you will find that you are conscious and asleep at the same time.

kukuchili kukuchili

Quite a lot of my dreams could be called lucid; in that I often know that I'm dreaming and make references to other dreams within a dream. For myself though, real lucid dreaming usually occurs early in the morning between sleep and awaking, it has a special tingly feeling; so real a few sleep tests need to be taken to make sure I am actually asleep, something like floating up to the ceiling which is impossible to do while awake but makes perfect sense in a lucid dream where almost anything is possible.

Even though most things are possible in lucid dreams there does seem to be some sort of reality that doesn't exist in a full dream state. For quite a few years now, in the initial stages of one of my super-lucid dreams, there has been a spiritual presence in the room during these lucid dream periods.

For a long time I didn't know if it was a man or a woman, or if it was good or evil, iside the dream or outside the dream; whether it intended any harm or not. It slowly became apparent that the spirit is female and does not really intend to cause any harm but has, on numerous occasions, attempted to scare or shock just to see what I would do. She has, over some years, become more friendly and open but I cannot see as yet any real purpose to her being here other than just wanting to.

For many years she would always disappear whenever I tried to find out her name; she used to do the same thing when I was trying to find out what she looked like and what gender she was. Just recently she has shown the image of her name written down on a kind of label; her name is Kukuchili, I do not know where this name comes from and it does not bring up any results on any internet searches. She says it kind of means, 'Lucky'.

The pictures are of an amime (Japanese cartoon) character called Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop. She is a little similar, both in personality and appearance, to Kukuchili; who is herself only a spirit and not a corporeal being, a little like a cartoon image, only more real.