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Out of Body Experiences usually occur as one is going to sleep or around the same time in the morning as lucid dreaming.

When I have OBE Kukuchili does not come along for the out of body trips; she only hangs around for the normal lucid dreaming if I stay in my body in my bedroom, I don't know if she would still be there if I moved to another house as I haven't really been anywhere in the last few years since she started showing up.

I suspect she might be tied to the house I'm living in now and not inside the dream but attracted somehow to the dream; perhaps I am closer to some kind of spirit world in a lucid dream state.

I first started looking into OBE in 1990 as a means of time travel, long before I'd had a lucid dream or even knew what 'lucid dreaming' actually meant. The idea was to come out of my body and try and somehow go back in time through the Akashic records, a sort of theoretical/theological file of every conscious thought that ever was or will be, like a long reel of moving film.

Out of Body Lucid Dream

I started by laying on the carpet on my back with all the lights out with just a candle to see by; just relaxing and trying to imagine myself floating just a few inches out of my body, after a short time it actually worked and I was terrified, I probably wasn't expecting the OBE to be real and thought the Akashic Records and all the related dreaming and dream time travelling stuff was just a load of rubbish in a book. I never did it again on purpose, even to this day I've never actually laid down and consciously tried to leave my body.

I used to get this thing in the morning called 'sleep paralysis'; where I've woken up but can't move my body or open my eyes, I used to struggle like crazy to move my head to one side or the other.

On top of this there was a feeling of blackness washing over me; a bit like falling unconscious, only more fuzzy. I honestly thought if I let the feeling run its course, I would actually die.

At one point in my life I was feeling absolutely sick of everything; one morning the sleep paralysis with overwhelming blackness thing happened again, I decided I didn't care if I did die and just rode it out to see what happened. I came right out of my body; completely out so that I could see myself in bed, and floated around the room. The sleep paralysis never bothered me again, it excites me because I know what is coming next.