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It is quite common to laugh in dreams, and from time to time to find yourself still laughing when you wake up.

Often, the more you think about it after waking the more you wonder what was so funny.

It may seem that there wasn't anything worth laughing for at all to your waking mind or, if you're lucky, it may still be funny and you may find yourself sniggering at the dream all day, or even longer.

You may be able to make more sense of your dream if you try and isolate the images or symbols that made you laugh. Sometimes laughter can simply be a way to amuse you, for light relief, and other times laughter and joking can be used to emphasize a more serious issue.

As the old adage goes, many a true word is spoken in jest. So it could be that your dream is trying to get a serious point across through the medium of comedy.

Negative laughter, directed at you for instance, can have connections with embarrassment, emotions and vulnerability.

This could reflect particular areas of your life where you feel susceptible to ridicule, or even paranoia regarding how others perceive you.

There is also the possibility that you are laughing negatively at yourself because of your own pretensions.