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Languages that you do not understand in dreams may represent feelings of failing to understand something in your waking life, or that you might be missing the point of a situation in waking life. If someone is translating the foreign language for you it could mean that you need someone else to help you understand the point or situation that you are failing to grasp on your own.

If you find that you are speaking a foreign language is could be that your subconscious feels that you need to broaden the scope of your aspirations, learn new things that are hitherto unknown to you. If you find yourself having to interpret a foreign language for other people in your dreams it could reflect a feeling that your friends, family or workmates are relying on you too much to explain things to them, or that you're feeling overburdened by their lack of understanding.

If the language in your dreams is gibberish that you can't understand, or you have difficulty speaking clearly yourself, it could be that you're having trouble communicating with others in waking life, or that you are feeling anxious about an upcoming event that relies on your being able to speak eloquently to achieve your goals.

A dream about a foreign language or a language that you do not recognize usually has to do with issues of communication and can represent part of your self that you don't normally listen to trying to communicate with you, and a process of understanding this part of you can often be accompanied by a process of understanding the foreign language, bit by bit, in your dreams.

If you dream that someone is speaking a language that you do not understand, you may be having trouble coming to grips with an idea you have encountered in waking life.

You may be afraid that you will be unable to integrate your point of view with the points of view of those around you.

If you dream that you speak and understand a language that you do not understand in waking life, your unconscious is telling you that you are beginning to accept an idea that you thought you would never accept.

A foreign language in a dream may symbolize qualities that are associated with the people who speak that language. For example, if you think of Germans as being very blunt, a dream that someone is speaking German can be a message that you need to be more direct.