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A dream about a label usually has to do with your sense of identity.  If you dream of a label, you could be thinking about who you are and about how others perceive you. It is possible that you are concerned about “being labeled” by others.

Sometimes, we put labels on things to show who owns them or who has the right to use them.  A dream that you put a label on an object can mean that you want the right to own or control something. This can be a material thing.  However, your dream can mean that you want to establish ownership over your behavior, over the way that you feel about yourself or over your destiny.

A dream that an object is missing a label can mean that you feel that you do not fit in or that you are not sure where you belong.

If you replace the label on something in a dream, your dreaming mind could be telling you that you have had the wrong idea about something or someone.