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Kneeling in a dream is often a sign of submission.

A dream that you are kneeling can be a sign that you are ready to give up, or a message from your dreaming mind that it is time to accept things and not try to change them.

If you are kneeling against your will in your dream, you may feel that you have been forced to give something up or to relinquish control over something.

Kneeling in a dream can be a symbol of prayer or supplication.  If you are kneeling in a dream, you may need to seek help from someone else in order to solve a problem in real life.

To see someone kneeling in a dream can mean that you want more power over others, or that you should aid someone in need of assistance.

A dream that you are kneeling down to reach something be a sign that you need to look at a situation in more detail or that you need to think of a more practical approach to a problem.