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In waking life the kitchen is where we prepare our food, in the home it is the source of nourishment. It is the heart of your home. Likewise, in dreams, the kitchen represents a source of nourishment, but in this case the nourishment it represents can be spiritual or emotional.

A kitchen is also a symbol of nurturing, and can represent the mother or motherhood.

If you dream of being in a kitchen, you  could be thinking about your relationship with your own mother, or about the nurturing qualities that you have in yourself?

A dream that you are in a cluttered kitchen can mean that you are using too much energy trying to be emotionally supportive of others. However, if the kitchen in your dream is empty and barren, it could be that you lack emotional closeness to others in your life?

Dreaming about being in a kitchen or working in a kitchen

Dreaming that you are in a kitchen can mean that you are looking for ways to meet your physical, intellectual, emotional or spiritual needs.

The kitchen is a place where transformation – in the form of cooking – takes place, so dreaming that you are in a kitchen can be a sign that you are undergoing a transformation.

A kitchen can represent comfort, stability and security. You may dream of a kitchen when your life seems unstable and uncertain.

Finally, also remember that a kitchen is a place of creativity, or experiments and trial and error to make a tasty dish. With this in mind, depending on the circumstances of the dream, it could be suggesting that you try new ideas, to spice things up in your life? After all, variety is the spice of life!