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Like other acts of violence in dreams, kicking someone in a dream can be a sign that you are repressing anger or frustration, possibly towards the person that you are kicking.

A dream that you are kicking someone can mean that you are experiencing a conflict between different aspects of your personality.

The person that you kick can symbolize a quality in yourself that makes you uncomfortable.

Kicking people or animals out of your way in a dream can mean that you want more control over others in waking life. You may feel that you have lost control over your life.

A dream that you kick an animal or person out of your way can also mean that you want to rid yourself of a quality that the person or animal represents.

If you dream that you kick a ball, you could be feeling confident of future success in an endeavor.

A dream that you are kicking something or someone aggressively is often a sign of repressed aggression in real life.

If you are kicking someone you know, you may indeed be angry with that person.

However, the person you are kicking can represent a part of yourself that has angered you or that you refuse to accept.

If you dream of kicking an object, consider what that object may represent. That could provide you with an idea about the true source of your frustration.

A dream that you are kicking something forward, for example, that you are kicking a ball, is a sign that you are in need of motivation.

If you dream that you are being kicked, you could be feeling victimized in real life.

Dreaming of being kicked can mean that you are feeling guilty about something or that you are angry with yourself.