Dreaming LifeDreaming Life

A kaleidoscope creates unique imagines with repetitive shapes.  Thus, a kaleidoscope in a dream is a reminder that while your life contains predictable cycles, you can create a unique future for yourself.

Because a kaleidoscope is made with mirrors, when you look through a kaleidoscope in your dream, you are likely to be examining different aspects of your own personality.

You may be looking at yourself in a new way, learning about parts of yourself that you did not know existed, and recognizing the beauty that exists within you.

Dreaming that you are using a kaleidoscope can be a sign that you need to reconnect with your creative urges.

Because a kaleidoscope is considered a child’s toy, a kaleidoscope in a dream can represent a desire to revitalize the thinking patterns of your childhood, when your imagination was unbounded.