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The hyena in a dream is often a symbol of deviousness and instability.

A hyena can therefore represent something or someone that is not to be trusted or that cannot be relied on.

The hyena is a scavenger that takes advantage of whatever it can find, so dreaming of a hyena can be a sign that someone is taking advantage of you or that you are taking advantage of someone else.

A dream about a hyena can mean that you need to take a second look at the resources that are available to you.

Perhaps an object, an idea or a talent that you believed was useless is something that could be valuable to you.

You should also reconsider the value of the people around you.

The hyena was originally believed to be a hermaphrodite, so if you are man, dreaming of a hyena can mean that you are examining your feminine qualities, while if you are a woman, a dream of a hyena can mean that you are considering your masculine qualities.