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When a woman dreams about her husband, she is often examining her marriage and how good a wife she believes herself to be.

She is thinking about her sexuality as well as the intimate physical, mental and spiritual connections that she has.

These images she has of herself have a basis in the relationship that she had with her father when she was younger.

If she has doubts about herself as a result of an unhealthy relationship with her father, in her dreams, these doubts will show up as the death or the loss of her husband, or sometimes, of another woman’s husband.

The death of a husband in a dream can represent the death of the father-daughter relationship as the girl grows into adulthood.

When a man dreams of being a husband, he is considering the type of husband that he can be and the types of relationships that he is capable of forming with women.

His feelings about his qualities as a husband will come from his feelings about his relationship with his mother.