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A horse in a dream often represents the dreamer’s emotional energy and emotional strength.  A lively horse can be a sign that the dreamer is feeling emotionally powerful, while a weak or injured  horse can mean that the dreamer is  under a great deal of a stress or  in a situation that is overpowering.

Traditionally, a white or pale horse signifies death or spirituality.

A winged horse in a dream can represent a need to move beyond mundane thoughts and think about abstract philosophical or spiritual matters.

If you dream that you are riding a horse, your journey can represent a journey through a new phase in your life.  Since a horse is an old-fashioned form of transportation, this dream can mean that things that you learned from your past can provide guidance for you in the future.

A wild horse in a dream can represent your Shadow, the part of your personality that you hide from yourself as well as from others.

Harnessing a  horse in a dream can represent a desire to control your impulses. It can also mean that you need to be more practical and focus on the here and now.