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The meaning of a hen dream can vary, often depending on what you think of hens.

For instance hens lay eggs, so you could be thinking of hatching new ideas or taking your life in a new, more prosperous direction.

Hens are also known for clucking and bok-boking in a repetitive way, which is why they’re often associated with gossiping about nonsense and trivial matters.. so this could reflect your feelings toward someone else or it could be a warning that you’re becoming a gossiping mother hen yourself.

Speaking of mother hens, this image is a maternal one so you could be thinking of mothering, being mothered or your own mother.

Hen dreams can also be linked with being ‘hen-pecked’, especially for men for whom this phrase has been used towards in regards to husbands or boyfriends who are being told what to do all the time by their wives or girlfriends.