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When considering dreams about Hell one also has to take into account one’s religion, are absence of religion.

For example if you’re a devout Christian who firmly believes in the existence of Hell, your dreams may have deeper feelings than someone who’s only perception of Hell is from movies or stories.

Either way though, dreaming of Hell is not usually a positive experience. It may reflect your real life situation, say perhaps if you’re experiencing extreme difficulties at the moment – like you believe your life is a living hell.

There’s also the possibility that you’re feeling guilty about something, or a number of things, and your conscience is hoping you will put things right.

Hell is also connected with death, so if you’re wondering about death and what may come afterwards you may also be wondering if you’ve led a constructive and honest life. Your dream of Hell may reflect worries that you are neglecting your spiritual side, that you are putting too much value on material things.