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A hedgehog is a prickly animal, so a hedgehog in a dream can represent a difficult (“prickly”) situation or a person who is very “prickly” – easily offended.

You may dream about a hedgehog when you have thought of a solution to a problem, but you are concerned about how someone will react to your suggestions.

A hedgehog curls itself into a ball when it is threatened, so if you dream about a hedgehog, it can mean that you are feeling vulnerable and that you want to withdraw from a threatening situation.

However, seeing a hedgehog in a dream can be a message that you tend to hurt other people when you are behaving defensively.

A dream that you encounter a hedgehog can mean that you are looking forward to seeing someone that you have not seen in a long time.

A hedgehog in a dream can symbolize loyalty and honesty.