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If you dream of a field in which crops are being harvested, it is a sign that you should pay attention to the natural cycle of things, whether in a project or in a relationship.

Your dream is telling you to be careful in choosing the right time to take action.

A dream about a harvest can signify that you are now reaping the rewards of hard work that you have done previously, or that you expect to benefit from hard work that you are doing now.

If you have a dream about an abundant harvest, you could be feeling satisfied with your life or you could be seeking satisfaction.

An abundant harvest in a dream can be a symbol of fertility.

Because it is essential to choose the right time to plant your crops in order to ensure a bountiful harvest, if you dream that you are harvesting, it can be a message that before you undertake a difficult task, you need to consider your timing.

Planting and harvesting are part of the cycle of life, so a dream about a harvest can refer to a cycle that is taking place in your life, such as the ups and downs of a career or of a relationship.