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Your hands are used to do things, without them we can do very little.

When your hands are metaphorically tied it means you cannot complete a task.

If your hands are being affected in a negative way in your dreams it may mean that you feel you are not able to complete certain tasks in your waking life, or that you doubt your ability to complete them.

If you see clenched hands, fists, it could signify a greater frustration concerning a given task that you feel should be easier to complete.

We use our hands to express ourselves and to communicate, whether through gestures or by writing or typing. Therefore, hands in dreams can represent creativity and the power to express yourself and to communicate with others.

If you have a dream about a hand or about hands, you may feel that you are having trouble expressing yourself or that other people don’t understand you.  You may also have a desire to be more creative.

Hands are also used to control things, so a dream about a hand can have to do with a need to control things or with a belief that you are being controlled.

Losing your hand or having your hand injured in a dream can represent a loss of the ability to express yourself or a loss of control.

If you dream that each of your hands is holding a different object, you could be having conflicting feelings about something.  The objects themselves should give you an idea of what the conflict is about.

Holding hands in a dream indicates a compromise.  It can also be a symbol of friendship.

A hand that is formed into a fist can represent something that is threatening you, or it can symbolize repressed anger.

An open hand is a symbol of fairness and honesty.

If you dream that you are holding your hands over your eyes, you are trying to repress upsetting thoughts.

If you wash your hands in a dream, you could be trying to rid yourself of negative influences or you could be feeling guilty about something.