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A handcuff in a dream is a symbol of restraint. If you dream that you are in handcuffs, you could be feeling that something in life is restricting you and preventing you from reaching your goal. This could be a job, a relationship or even your own insecurities.

A dream that a police officer puts you in handcuffs can mean that you are feeling resentment toward an authority figure.

Dreaming that you are released from handcuffs may be a sign that you have been feeling trapped in a difficult situation, but you think you have found a way to get out of it.

A dream that you are handcuffed and that the key to open the handcuffs has been lost can be a message that you the method you are using to try to solve a problem will not be effective.

If you dream that you are putting handcuffs on someone else, your dream can be a warning that you tend to be too controlling or too possessive. You should try to take a more relaxed view of life.