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Dreaming about frogs is often connected with positive thoughts of transformation and fertility. The reason for this is that fogs go through different stages in their life, transforming from tadpoles into half tadpole and half frog into full frogs. As tadpoles they live completely in the water, but transform into amphibious creatures that live both in and out of water. Frogs also lay hundreds of eggs, or spawn, which produce hundreds of tadpoles or baby frogs, hence their connection with fertility.

frog dream meaningsWater is nearly always connected with spirituality, so a dream of frogs may also have some connection with this, perhaps suggestion you can exist in the spiritual and the more down to earth?

Because of the transforming aspect of frogs, when frogs appear in your dream they can represent a change in your life, a transformation from one stage to another.

Because of the fertile nature of frogs, your dream could be suggesting a desire to have children, or another child.

You may also want to consider the fairy tale connection of kissing frogs that turn into princes? In this case it could reflect a desire to find a good man, or disappointment in not finding one?