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Fracking, also known as Hydraulic Fracturing, is a controversial endeavor to extract oil and gas from often environmentally sensitive areas, causing unknown damage to the environment.

If you dream about fracking it could be that you feel people around you are sapping your resources without your consent.

A fracking dream could also signify feelings that the tranquility or nature of your life is being violated by forces beyond your control. The causes of these feelings could be as simple as debt and bill worries overwhelming your day to day life, or it could be something much more deep-rooted.

The Earth is your natural place in the universe, a constant and reliable presence in your life that was here before you were born and will remain when you pass on to the next place. It is your solid base of existence. Fracking involves drilling into this Earth, disturbing natural processes and causing tremors and even small earthquakes. Therefore, a dream of fracking can represent the foundations of your life being disturbed and fractured in ways you are not happy with.