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A smith using a forge is doing hard work in order to create something useful. Therefore, a dream about a forge can be a message that you need to work hard in order to achieve a goal.

A forge in a dream can represent creative power. When you use a forge, you use your physical strength to create something.  If you forge something in your dream, your dreaming mind could be telling you to look inward to discover your strengths and talents and then use these talents and strengths to create something new.

Working at a forge in a dream can symbolize taking part in boring, repetitive activities.  If you dream that you are working at a forge, you could feel like you are stuck in a rut. You might want a change in your life.

A forge can represent masculine energy and power.

If you dream that someone else is using a forge, you may feel that they are too controlling.

A forge in a dream can symbolize the act of “forging” – making a fake copy of something.  If you dream about a forge, you may feel that someone around you is being deceitful.