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Footprints in a dream often represent a path that you have taken or that you may take in life.

If you dream of footprints stretching behind you, your dream could be telling you to examine the way you have behaved in the past and how that affects your life today.   Use what you have learned from past experiences to help you handle problems that are affecting you now.

Footprints stretching in front of you in a dream can represent the path toward your future.

Seeing footprints in front of you in a dream can be a message that you must learn from the wisdom of others if you are to achieve your goal.

If footprints that extend in front of you and behind you in your dream, you need to consider events that happened the past as well as possibilities for the future when making a decision.

Seeing footprints arranged in a circle in a dream is a sign that you are wasting your time engaging in unproductive activities.