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A dream about food is usually a sign that you are in need of spiritual or emotional nourishment.

Physical hunger in a dream often represents emotional or spiritually neglect in real life. Therefore, food in a dream can represent the means by which you can nourish yourself emotionally or spiritually in the real world.

food dream meanings

Different types of food in dreams can have different meanings.

Here is a list some foods that you may dream about and their dream meanings:

Bread, pasta or potatoes:  The fulfillment of basic needs

Butter:  Simple pleasures

Cake, candy or chocolate:  Sensual pleasure

Cheese: Material gain

Cold Cuts:  Preservation

Corn:  Fertility and abundance

Eggs: Fertility, birth and new beginnings

Fish: Spiritual fulfillment

Fruit: Prosperity and reward for hard work; the “fruits” of your labor.

Meat:  Physical satisfaction

Milk:  The ability to give up adult responsibilities and to have someone else take care of your basic needs

Oatmeal: Being comforted during a difficult time

Onion: Understanding the deeper layers of yourself

Rice: Prosperity and abundance

Spices:   Variety in life

Vegetables: Material or physical satisfaction or the fulfillment of basic needs