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Flying dreams are very common in children. It is a natural psychological progression, we learn to crawl, toddle, walk then run - so the sleeping mind takes us to the next step where we can fly.

Some people are lucky enough to dream about flying their whole lives, they can always fly in their dreams. Flying in dreams represents physical and spiritual freedom, or a desire for those things in waking life.

Therefore, dreams that you are flying can symbolize a desire to be less inhibited in waking life, less restricted.

You may dream about flying if you feel that you are unable to express yourself fully in waking life, or if you feel that you are trapped in a situation that you cannot control.

If you dream that you are flying, your dreaming mind could be telling you that you are placing too many limitations on yourself and that you need to give yourself the opportunity to develop your talents.

Flying in a dream can be a message that you need to look at a situation from a different perspective.

Man lifting off and flying in his dream

A dream that you are flying toward the sky can mean that you are trying to attain a higher spiritual level.

Flying toward the earth in a dream can mean that you are trying to have a better understanding of parts of your personality that you have been hiding.