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We often use music to express our emotions. In dreams, wind instruments, such as flutes, are often used to express extreme emotions.

If you dream about a flute, it can be a sign that you are experiencing strong emotions.

The music that is played by the flute in your dream will reflect the emotions that you are healing.  A cheerful, joyous tune means that you are feeling very happy. A mournful song indicates that you are in despair.

A dream that you are playing a flute can mean that you need to express your feelings. You may have been containing your emotions for fear of how others will react to them.

Listening to someone else play a flute in a dream can mean that you are trying to get in touch with your emotions.

The sound of a flute in a dream can represent the music of the heavens and can have religious or spiritual significance.

Because of its phallic shape, a flute in a dream can be a symbol of male sexuality.