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Flowers symbolize beauty and happiness. You may dream about flowers when you are feeling very happy in real life.  You may also dream about flowers when you are very unhappy and your life seems “ugly”.

A dream about flowers that are blooming can mean that something new is happening in your life.

Flowers in a dream can be a message that beauty and happiness are fragile and need to be nurtured.

Different kinds of flowers symbolize different things in dreams.

flowers in dreamsAnemone: You are afraid that someone close to you is trying to deceive you.

Arum Lily: You are worried about the future of a relationship.

Bluebell: You are experiencing a conflict with someone you are close to.

Buttercup: You are feeling optimistic.

Carnation: You are having passionate feelings.

Chrysanthemum: You have the wisdom to deal with a current problem.

Clover: You feel that other people are trying to use up your resources.

Cornflower: You are feeling peaceful, or you are in a stressful situation and you desire peace.

Crocus: You think that someone around you is untrustworthy.

Daffodil: You feel guilty about the way you have treated someone you care about.

Daisy: You want to go back to an earlier, more innocent time in your life.

Forget-me-not: You are feeling unsatisfied.

Foxglove: You are bored and need mental or physical stimulation.

Forsythia: You are happy that you have survived a difficult ordeal.

Geranium: You have been spending too much time obsessing over something that is unimportant

Honeysuckle: You are angry at someone close to you.

Iris: You are hoping to hear good news about something.

Lily: You are beginning a new phase in your life.

Lime: You are developing your intuition.

Lotus: You are growing spiritually.

Marigold: You are concerned about business or financial difficulties.

Mistletoe: You are worried about being disloyal.

Myrtle: You are feeling depressed or stressed and are seeking happiness and peace.

Narcissus: You are being superficial

Orchid: You wish to be surrounded by beauty.

Pansy: You are in love.

Poppy: You are worried about receiving bad news.

Primrose: You want to develop new relationships.

Rose: You are looking for romance, or you are trying to be more romantic.

Snowdrop: You need to express your feelings.

Sunflower: You are feeling joyful.

Violet: You are feeling energetic.