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If you dream about a flood, it can be a sign that you are feeling overwhelmed with emotion.

You may have been repressing emotions that have grown so strong that you believe you will no longer be able to contain them.

Dreaming about a flood can sometimes mean that you are feeling depressed.

A dream that you are surrounded by water that is rising during a flood could be a warning that a situation could have drastic consequences if you do not act now to keep it under control.

Water is associated with the womb, so drowning in a flood in a dream can represent being smothered by an overprotective mother or by someone else who is trying to care for you.

Watching someone else drown in a flood in your dream can mean that you are being overprotective.

In the Bible, the earth was repopulated after Noah’s flood, so dreaming about a flood can mean that you need a fresh start in life.