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A fleece in a dream can represent comfort and security. Dreaming about a fleece can mean that you need to be comforted, or that you want to comfort someone else.

You may dream of wearing a fleece when you are feeling emotionally neglected or when you are feeling insecure.

If you dream that you cover someone you know with a fleece, your dream can mean that you are worried about that person.

Lying under a fleece blanket in a dream can mean that you have been experiencing too much stress, and you need to relax and have someone else take care of you and take on your responsibilities.

A dream that you are lying beneath by a fleece blanket can be a warning that you are becoming too comfortable; you need to be more active and take more responsibility for your future.

If you dream that you are shearing the fleece from a sheep, someone in your life could be too overprotective towards you.   

A fleece in a dream can symbolize being “fleeced”, or cheated.