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Fireworks are dangerous objects that are used to entertain people on happy occasions.

Therefore, if you dream about fireworks, your dream can be a message that you need to take a risk in order to be happy.

If you dream that an accident is caused by fireworks, you could be behaving recklessly in real life.

Your dream could be warning you that you are ignoring the well-being of other in order to fulfill your own desires.

Watching fireworks explode in a dream can mean that you need to release emotions that you have been repressing.  You could be feeling frustrated or angry.

A dream that you are setting off or watching fireworks can mean that you feel that you have achieved success at something and wish to celebrate.  This dream can also mean that you are hoping that you will be successful in an endeavor.

Watching fireworks or setting off fireworks in a dream can mean that you want to be acknowledged for an achievement.