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A fight in a dream can represent an unresolved conflict that you are experiencing in real life.  If you dream that you are in a fight, you could be trying to avoid making a difficult decision.

Being in a fight in a dream can mean that you are afraid or unwilling to confront someone who has done something to upset you. Instead of telling this person how you feel, you are repressing your anger and frustration. 

Think about which will cause you more harm: holding in your anger or confronting the person who has angered you.

If you dream that you are fighting with a stranger, you could be angry at yourself.   You could be feeling guilty about something you have done and feel a need to punish yourself.  The person you are fighting in your dream could represent a part of you that you do not want to accept.

A dream that someone is holding you down in a fight can mean that you are feeling trapped and that you want more independence.