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If you dream that you are on a ferry, your dream can mean that something in your life is changing. You are moving to a new stage in your life.

In Greek mythology, the dead travel on a ferry across the River Styx to the Underworld. Therefore, ferries are associated with death, and death in a dream represents change – the ending of something old and the beginning of something new.

If you dream that you are on a ferry with a large group of people, you could be feeling pressured to change so that you fit in with society.

A dream about being on a crowded ferry can mean that you think that the people around you need to change.

Seeing a ferry in a dream as you stand on the shore can mean that you feel the lives of people around you are changing, but that you are stuck in a rut.

A dream that you are being ferried back and forth between two places can be a sign that you are not ready to make a commitment.