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A fence in a dream can represent a boundary. If you dream about a fence, you could feel excluded from something.

Dreaming about a fence can be a warning that you are excluding someone else unfairly.

A fence in a dream can represent a personal boundary. Your fence dream can be a message that you need to set stronger boundaries within a relationship, or that you are not respecting someone else’s boundaries.

If you have a dream about a fence, your dream can mean that you need to be more open with others. You may have had a traumatic experience that has caused you to distance yourself from others. Your dream is telling you that you need to be more confident and trusting around other people.

Dreaming that you encounter a fence while you are traveling can mean that you are encountering obstacles in real life.  What do you do when you reach the fence? Do you turn back,  walk around it or climb over it? That could tell you something about how you tend to approach real life problems.