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If you dream about poo, poop, excrement or feces (all words for the same thing) you may, because of the nature of poop, feel somewhat disturbed by your dream?

Dreaming of poop may literally reflect feelings that your life is turning to shit?

Because pooping is usually a private matter that most people prefer not to talk about, or even think about most of the time, it can be a symbol of embarrassment or shame when seen in your dreams.

Dreaming of poop can also mean that your are not letting go of the past, that you are still clinging to bad things that happened to you. So, if you dream you are taking a poop you are literally offloading your shit, so the dream can be suggesting you do just that in waking life, let it all go!

Feces or poop in a dreamIf you dream that you want to poop, but you can't, it could be that something in your life is holding you back, that you are emotionally or spiritually constipated? If you can figure out what it is that's blocking your development, you can then let it all out and flush it away.

If you dream that you step in some poop, it may be that you are taking on too much negativity in your life, or taking on too much of other people's shit?

If you dream you are taking a poop in public, out in the open in the street or at school etc, it could mean that you're feeling too exposed, that too much of your inner personal life is being scrutinized?