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Because feathers are light, your dream may be telling you that you need to be more calm and relaxed.. Because they are associated with the air and the wind, they may represent a connection with your spiritual side.

Because feathers are often used to stuff pillows, in dreams they can represent warmth and comfort.

Traditionally, feathers in a dream symbolize success in love.

If you dream about feathers, your dream can be a message that you need to be gentler with someone in your life, or that you need to take a softer approach to a problem.

A dream that feathers are piling up over you can mean that you are being too soft.

Because feathers are associated with flight, feathers in a dream can represent freedom.

If you dream that you are wearing feathers, you may desire more freedom.

A dream that you are wearing feathers can mean that you have far to go before you can achieve a goal. Your dream is telling you that you have many things to accomplish before you can rest.

Seeing or wearing feathers in a dream can mean that you want to develop your spiritual side.