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If you dream that you are a fan or aficionado of something, your dreaming mind is probably providing you with some information about your desires and hopes for yourself.

Dreaming that you are a fan of a celebrity can mean that you admire a quality held by that celebrity, and you wish that you had that quality or that you could develop it more.

If, in your dream, you are a fan of a famous person who you do not like or respect in real life, you may be concerned that you are taking on some of that person’s negative characteristics.

Dreaming that you are a fan of a sports team can mean that you wish to be more competitive or more successful. How is the team performing in waking life? Has it been winning consistently, is it on a losing streak, or has its performance been somewhere in between.  This could give you an idea of how confident you feel about your ability to achieve your own goals.

Dreaming that you have many fans can mean that you have been feeling neglected or that you wish you were more popular.