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Paper fans were once associated with a special “code,” and women used fans to communicate. Therefore, a fan in a dream can be a symbol of creativity.

An open fan in a dream can be a sign that you want to experience new things and are seeking change in your life, or that you wish you were be able to express yourself better. A closed fan in a dream can mean that you are having difficulty communicating with others.

Traditionally, paper fans are associated with feminine capriciousness, so dreaming of a paper fan can mean that you need to be more focused toward a goal or that you need to behave in a more direct, “masculine” manner.

A fan can be a symbol of female sexuality.

If you find yourself waving a fan in a dream, you could be trying to get rid of negative influences.

Sometimes, dreaming of a paper or an electric fan can simply mean that the room you are sleeping in is too warm or that you have a fever.