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Our lives are all about relationships, with our memories mostly constructed from the events attached to those we interacted with. So, obviously, the people we've had the closest relationships with are going to have a deeper impression on our mind, memories and subconscious, so it is no surprise that many of our dreams will involve an ex lover.

These people stay in our subconscious, in our sleeping mind forever. If the relationship ended recently your dream, upsetting and unwelcome as it may seem, could be trying to help you deal with the issues involved? You may find yourself back with your ex, which could be wish-fulfillment or it could be a warning if things don't go well in the dream?

You may dream of talking things out with each other, which may be helpful if you never got the chance to talk in waking life, or didn't get that chance to voice your own feelings or ask questions?

Dreaming of ex boyfriend

Some dream dictionaries and websites will say stupid things like: "You will continue to dream about your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend until you "let go".."moved on", learned your mistakes..etc" This is nonsense. From time to time your ex will pop into your dreams for the rest of your life. However, eventually the hurt and pain will go away - though it may not seem that way now if the breakup was recent?

Remember this though, for good or bad, whoever's fault it was and however much you may or may not hate your ex at the moment, you did at one time feel very strongly for them and they used up part of their lifetime being part of your lifetime, you you did the same for them. For this reason they are a significant part of your existence, they created a part of your life and you created a part of theirs. For this they are precious, unless they abused you and were violent of course - if that was the case, **ck 'em, and if they appear in your dreams try to overpower and crush them. In all other cases, try to appreciate the time you had and forgive. Also, don't forget you will also, eventually, have to forgive yourself if you were at fault, or feel you had some part in causing the breakup?